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  • The Walking Dead: Season 2 – What went wrong?

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 16, 2014 under FEATURED, GAME REVIEWS
    So I finished Season Two of Telltale's The Walking Dead last night. While the first season's finale left me feeling devastated, entertained, full of hope and dread and craving the next installment of the adventure, Season 2 has left me feeling cold and emotionally disconnected from the characters that remain alive. Allow me to explain and, don't worry, the only spoiler here is that The Walking... more.
  • The Walking Dead: Season Two – Teaser Trailer Unleashed!

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 29, 2013 under NEWS
    Undead fans rejoice! Today marks the arrival of a Season Two teaser trailer for Telltale's phenomenally popular episodic adventure drama; The Walking Dead. The game looks set to follow the story of Clementine as she continues her quest to survive in a world overrun by zombies and, perhaps even more worryingly, other human beings. Without giving too much away Season One left Clementine with som... more.
  • TellTale Games: The Walking Dead – “A New Day” free on PSN

    0 CommentsPosted by on March 18, 2013 under NEWS
    Own a PS3 and missed out on Telltales episodic and winner of over 80 game of the year awards The Walking Dead? Well if the answer is yes then shame on you. But fret not, you can redeem yourself as the first episode "A New Day" is available to download for free! And the good news doesn't stop there. For a limited time you can now get the entire series for £11.99 saving £4 off the norma... more.
  • TellTale Games: The Walking Dead Season 2 – Coming Soon.

    0 CommentsPosted by on March 7, 2013 under NEWS
    TellTales Games CEO Dan Connors confirmed with eurogamer after the 2013 BAFTA Game Awards, that Season 2 of their highly successful Walking Dead episodic survival horror adventure is on the way. With the first part scheduled for release in "fall 2013". Personally I loved the first season, and can't wait to see what they have in store for season 2, after what has to be said is probable one of t... more.
  • Telltales The Walking Dead- Review

    0 CommentsPosted by on November 28, 2012 under GAME REVIEWS, NEWS
    Zombies, zombies, zombies... love em or hate em, they are a powerful form of entrainment these days and games have latched onto the medium like a lock-jawed rambling monster. To say there are many cadaver themed games available is an understatement, so you have to ask - what's so different about this one? Well, firstly it is set in a very defined theme based upon the wonderful world of 'The Wa... more.
  • The Walking Dead:No Time Left – Season Finale Trailer

    0 CommentsPosted by on November 20, 2012 under NEWS
    That's right Lee and Clementine's journey is about to come to an end, and just to get you in the mood check out the new trailer from Telltale Games. I'm really looking forward to seeing this play out, and more importantly looking forward to playing through the whole set again. Anyway, The Walking Dead episodes: Episode 5 – No Time Left is due for release on Wednesday 21st November for the PS3,... more.
  • Telltales: The Walking Dead Season 2

    0 CommentsPosted by on July 7, 2012 under NEWS
    Telltale games senior VP of marketing Steve Allison has announced that once their current "monthly" episodic game is finished it will not be their last outing with Robert Kirkman's zombie filled universe. "This will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do," he said speaking with Polygon "Our first episodic game series based on The Walking Dead has sold nearly 1.7 million episo... more.
  • The Walking Dead – Episode 2 Launch Trailer

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 28, 2012 under NEWS
    Its Zombie time again folks, this makes me happy! Form the looks of this launch trailer there are going to be some tough decisions to be made and in the true spirit of the series all options available will be FUBAR. If you haven't tried the first episode - I recommend that you do! The Walking Dead is not your usual Zombie game, its not a shooter for a start. The game is more adventure based an... more.
  • The Walking Dead: Starving For Help – Arrives on XBLA This Friday

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 27, 2012 under NEWS
    When the rather enjoyable Walking Dead game from Telltale arrived on Xbox Live a few weeks back, we were certainly impressed and by the end of the first episode we were 'hungry' for more. This Friday, June 29th, we will get to feast of some gooey gaming innards as Episode 2: Starving For Help is released for the tiny sum of 400 MS Points. Just in case you haven't had time to look at the fir... more.
  • The Walking Dead: Episode 2 On The Way?

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 8, 2012 under NEWS
    Telltales second installment of the episodic downloadable zombie game based on the walking dead series is on the way(ish). The developer has received a lot of flack from the fans over the length of time it has taken to go from episode one to episode two and that the promised once a mouth release has not worked out.But Telltale have confirmed that "Episode 2 has a few weeks of polish, then cert. ... more.
  • The Walking Dead Game – Playing Dead: Q&A 3

    0 CommentsPosted by on April 5, 2012 under NEWS
    Slurp! More Zombie news. We have been folowing this upcoming game for obvious reasons - it is the Walking Dead! What other reason do you need? In the vid below you will learn lots of little bits of what is in the game and if you are a fan then there are lots of juicy bits of info that tie in with the series and the books. Interesting info on the general game mechanics and plot. Hopefully it will... more.
  • The Walking Dead – Debut Trailer – Nice!

    0 CommentsPosted by on March 20, 2012 under NEWS
    I love the Walking Dead, been reading the comics long before it became the huge media roller-coaster it is now. I have to hand it to the TV show (and Rob Kirkman) for making a great series without compromising or altering the basic foundations. Other Movies and TV producers should take note of this approach instead of taking a good idea and bastardising it. Now we have the game - 'Oh O!' That ... more.
  • The Walking Dead (The Game) – Playing Dead Developer Diary Episode 2

    0 CommentsPosted by on March 8, 2012 under NEWS
    Zomboos! Our favourite mythical creature, if you discount Father Chimpmass that is. If you've been following the second half of season 2 of the Walking Dead you'll already know it's been an absolute corker and it has certainly got us looking forward to seeing what Telltale's episodic game based on the comic-book/TV series will look like. A new Dev Diary has shuffled in with the games creato... more.
  • Walking Dead: Dev Diary

    0 CommentsPosted by on February 15, 2012 under NEWS
    Telltale games have released a dev diary called Playing Dead and a few new screenshots for there upcoming episodic based horror survival game based on the Walking Dead series. In the diary they hint that this may contain five episodes, run over a five month period with about two hours of game time. With the idea being they want people to finish each episode so they can move through the series,... more.
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