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Name: Steve

Nickname: Enos

Site Role:  Chief Movie Editor, Site admin.

Current Favourite Platforms:

Top Games:
Pro Evo.

Top Books:
Bonfire of the Vanities, IT…catching up on some old classics on kindle.

Top Movies:
Too many. just read the reviews dammit

Favourite Booze:

Top Non Gaming Pastime:

Gaming Background:
Started with an Amstrad cpc464 and bad commodore 64 ports. Eventually upgraded to a Sega megadrive and enjoyed many games stolen from the local Virgin Megastore (even back in the 90’s games were 40-50 quid! Cartridge games too..nearly impossible to pirate..but still outrageously expensive. Hmmm) Now I have a xbox 360. It’s never on.

Finish the sentence:
“If I had one day left to live, I would…
cry a lot. Like a woman. Then I’d overload on valium and hope when the end came it wouldnt be painful.

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