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Name: John

Nickname:  Clyde, Deadman

Site Role:  Lead Game Reviewer.

Current Favourite Platforms:
360 / PC

Platforms Owned :
360/ PC / PS / PS2 / NES

Top Games:
Battlefield 3 / Forza 4 /  Red Dead Redemption

Top Books:
Anything by Michael Connelly

Top Movies:
Aliens / Predator / Excalibur / anything animated / Serial Killer movies

Favourite Food:
Anything quick, cornflakes are a staple part of any diet.

Favourite Booze:
Anything on Special / Jim Beam (when I’m not spending cash on games)

Top Non Gaming Pastime: Drinking / Metal / F1 / Rallying

Gaming Background:
First Console had three games pre-installed Tennis, Doubles Tennis and clay pigeon shooting. There were no buttons just two knob controllers and a gun, and it was about the size of a single decker bus and the graphics were black and white. Moved up to the ground breaking spectrum 48k and then onto the monster that was the  commodore 64 after that came the NES and it was onwards and up wards from there NES /SNES / N64 / PS/ PS2 / XBOX /  XBOX 360 / Wii. That mixed with different PC’s over the years from a Gateway p5-75 to the current machine Dell XPS 430. I’ve played so many games over the years I’ve forgotten most of them, games are meant to be enjoyed so if you enjoy a game it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of it, you’re the one that’s playing it.

Finish the sentence -
“If I had one day left to live, I would… kiss the wife ,open a can,  light a smoke and say do your worst m*therf***er!

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