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Once upon a time there were a bunch of gaming apes who liked beer, booze, chicks and having a laugh. One day as they all sat around playing games and farting one of the smaller monkeys said “Ohh Ohh Ahh Ahhh!” Translated – “We need more Beer and Bananas, someone run down to the shop and get some… and get some smokes while you”re at it – Chop, chop!” To which another chimp that was examining his testicles replied “Agg Oh Ehh Ehh” Translated – “Feck off and get them yourself, ya lazy fecker. We have no money anyway“. The gorilla in the corner playing a game said “Ohh Ahhh Oh Eh” Translated – “We could make some money by setting up a website about games and telling people all about stuff they don”t need to know!?” After the missing links finished pondering and scratching their hairy heads it was decided that this was the best way to get Beer and Bananas – and so Gamerillaz was born!
The dammed dirty apes here at Gamerillaz are a funny bunch with very strong views on just about everything. From Football to the Apocalypse, you will find interesting and bat-shit crazy ideas bouncing around their thick numbskulls. Each member has their specialty gaming area despite being all rounder”s and general game whores. Being lazy in nature, the crew are avid movie and television fans and there is usually a scrap over the telly remote, often ending with a broken TV and some poo flinging. Some of the cheeky monkeys at Gamerillaz have worked in the games industry in various forms. A few worked on a video game TV show while others were journalists for gaming publications, one of them even worked in a games retailer, so they are familiar with games – just a bit! Being older than the average game chimp the crew have over 170 combined years of video games experience, all the way back to the paddle and pong format.
The monkey bunch likes to meet up for game nights and play test the latest games in a drunken fashion and relaying the bias and politically incorrect results to you, the reader. As long as they can do that, and play games they will be forever blissfully happy. We hope you enjoy the Gamerillaz site and all the crazy crap it contains. Feel free to look up the crew individually and give them hassle!
You can always contact the site via Facebook, Twitter or by email on the side panel of the site. Enjoy the monkey frolics and join in whenever you can. Ugga Bugga!

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