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Resogun Addiction

Resogun Addiction

Gamers beware, we have an epidemic on our hands that’s about to give heroine addiction a firm kick in the nuts.

You can spot Resogun Addiction in fellow gamers by looking out for the following symptoms:

  1. Gamer no longer plays any other titles, (including TLOU!)
  2. Gamer is constantly talking about how they were a cu&* hair away from clearing a level when some cu&* got them.
  3. Gamer keeps talking about how much he want to kill that cu&* from previous point.
  4. Gamer no longer takes part in usual interests and hobbies such as eating, playing football or masturbating.

Extreme cases may coincide with recent purchases of the Resogun Heroes DLC that includes new levels, weapons and enemies which brings the game to new levels of addiction, (or awesomeness, depending on your point of view). For further information on how to get addicted to Resogun click here.

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