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Wolfenstein: The New Order – Reviewed on PS4

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Reviewed on PS4

Wolfenstein: The New Order is the latest installment in a franchise of games that has spanned eight titles over the past thirty three years. It’s a game series that I’ve dipped in and out of from time to time and I’ve never been in any doubt as to what it’s prime focus is; killing Nazis dead. I picked up Wolfenstein: The New Order on something of a whim. I’ve been growing increasingly jaded with shooters lately as they root themselves deeper in military realism and scripted set-pieces but something about The New Order put me in mind of the shooters I’d grown up enjoying. Games like Quake 2, TimeSplitters and even the first Resistance game on PS3. These were games that gave you a gun and told you to go have some fun. I’m happy to report that Wolfenstein: The New Order does not disappoint. If you’re a fan of classic, bombastic shooters and want to strike yet another blow against the evil Nazi regime, then this game is a must!

Meet evil villain Deathshead, you’ll be wanting to make his head very dead!

I’ve been playing on the PS4 and the game is a definite looker. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t win any awards for graphics as it’s a title that’s been developed for both current gen and next gen but on the PS4 it’s textures look crisp and the game hurtles along at 60fps in 1080p. The controls feel fluid and responsive and will have you pumping Nazis full of lead within no time at all. Unlike modern day shooters the game’s protagonist, B.J. Blazkowicz, can carry a full arsenal at all times and can duel wield almost any weapon. However, the game also gives you a number of options as to how you approach different situations. You’ll find yourself in many scenarios where taking a stealthy approach may work to your advantage. It’s one of those games that gives you the freedom to tackle things your own way. I’m always a huge fan of any game that lets me attempt some stealth but allows me to shoot my way out of any situation if things go wrong.

If you shoot a Nazi does he not bleed? Yes, he does. A lot.

The shooting feels great. Weapons are loud and feel as though they pack a punch as enemies recoil and explode as though filled entirely with strawberry jam. There’s enough Nazi killing going on in this game to make Quentin Tarantino blush. And it’s awesome. Add to that the fact that you won’t be able to rely on automatic healing and instead will need to keep collecting the health and armour pickups littered throughout the level to stay alive and you’ve got a game that’s built on the classic game design principles that made shooters so much fun to begin with. One minor annoyance is that you’re forced to press the “Square” button to pick up every single piece of health, armour and ammo and there are endless amounts of these so this button pressing action can get in the way sometimes when it would have been much more convenient to just automatically collect these items as you walk over them.

The Nazis have advanced technology and you’ll have to face off against huge, armoured robots.

The biggest surprise for me is the story. Often game stories are paper thin, especially in the shooter genre, but MachineGames have managed to craft strong characters that give the game more meaning and authenticity than it possibly deserves. As B.J. Blazkowicz you awake from a coma in the sixties to find that the war has been lost and the world is now under Nazi control. One gory escape from the loony bin later and you’ll be taking the fight to the Germans, by way of a chainsaw. It’s epic, well-written and takes place in an alternate timeline where Nazi technology rules the day. What’s worse than a trained Nazi hound? That’s right, one that’s been given robotic augmentations and a taste for Blazkowics blood.

The Nazi forces come well equipped for a fight but, thankfully, so do you!

Though I’m not a huge mutliplayer fan, the core gameplay here is so enjoyable that I found myself wishing I could engage in some deathmatch carnage, even if it was local split screen multiplayer, but sadly Wolfenstein: The New Order is a single player experience only. I reckon I’m about half way through the game at this stage so this is looking like a solid twelve or thirteen hour game which is pretty meaty by today’s standards. If you hate Nazis and love shooters then you really can’t go wrong with this game. On the other hand if you’re a Nazi-sympathiser you probably went wrong a long time ago – watch out for my duel-wielded shotguns, sucker!


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