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Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut on PS4 – The Review

Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut on PS4 – The Review

In the early 90′s I played ‘Star Wars: X-Wing’ on a Dell 486 PC and discovered that I had a penchant for space combat. A couple of years later I played ‘Star Wars: Tie Fighter’ and I was even more excited because not only was it awesome dog fighting space combat, I also got to be the bad guy which is always great. A few years after that ‘X-Wing vs Tie Fighter’ came out but by then I was bored $hitless with it – I should also point out that I was boozing heavily at the time and constantly trying to get some lady love action so maybe I wasn’t in the right state of mind to pilot anything more complicated than a vibrator. Whatever the reason, space combat has been off my radar ever since then but now it’s back in my sights because the team at Born Ready Games did something so simple it was genius. They took space combat and threw a heavily armed humanoid mech into the mix – that’s a sweet combination but did they make it work? Darn tootin they did but if you want some more details then read on my friend.

Pursuit mode isn’t just about chasing – it’s chasing followed by lots of explosions!

First things first, what makes a good space combat game? The graphics are obviously important, the story less so but it’s always a bonus when an action game has a decent narrative. The really critical thing is how piloting that ship feels. It needs to make you believe that you’re the galaxy’s most skilled and deadly pilot so it needs to feel realistic but not flight simulator realistic because as we all know, flight simulator games suck almost as much as Chimpan-D on Eurovision weekend. Born Ready has absolutely nailed the flight controls and just to make it even better they brought a entirely new dimension to the space combat dogfight by introducing a mech that can shoot seven kinds of $hit out of everything in range.

The story is set a few centuries in the future when mankind has developed deep space travel and has colonised distant planets. Unsurprisingly a war breaks out between the colonists and Earth’s military and this is where you step into the shoes of an Earth pilot named Adams in the final days of the conflict. The game consists of 13 chapters, each of which is divided into around 3 checkpointed sections – this will come as a relief to many gamers because apparently the checkpointing in the PC version was incredibly poor. Anyway, in the first level Adams is piloting a regular space fighter but by chapter two you’re in control of the Strike Suit which is pretty much what you’ll be piloting for the rest of the campaign. It’s a ship that has two modes, ‘Pursuit’ which is the traditional space ship flight mode and ‘Strike’ which is the super charged mech mode.

Does my Mechanoid ass look big in this? Say Yes and I’ll fu*king torpedo you!

The Strike Suit itself doesn’t exactly look stunning but neither do any of the other ships. The disappointment that comes with the lack of awesomeness when you see the Strike Suit is quickly obliterated by the superb flying experience. The controls are just amazing and there’s fantastic fun to be had when weaving between enemy fighters and doing fly-by’s across enemy freighters. I admit that I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to games like this due to my nostalgia for this genre but there is no denying that the combination of the traditional dogfighting and the transformation into a humanoid mech with super-charged firepower is an almost underwear creaming experience.

Think about it, what’s the most frustrating thing about dig fighting? For me, it’s when the guy you’re trying to shoot out of the sky manages to fly overhead and is then right behind you. Traditionally you would slam on the brakes and turn as hard as possible but not anymore my friend. In that scenario, simply switch to mech mode which will bring you to a dead halt, you then initiate the automatic targeting which will spin you around so that asshole will be back in your sights and you blow him out of the sky. Beware though, Strike mode is limited by the amount of ‘Flux’ energy you have which is accumulated by destroying ships in Pursuit mode and depleted by firing and moving in Mech mode. You’ll quickly get the hang of combining Pursuit and Strike mode and before you know it you’ll be the baddest badass in space.

3 ships in my sights but which to shoot at? All of them!!!

In terms of variety of ships, there isn’t much but that’s ok because the Strike Suit is by far the coolest. There’s a level where you’re forced to fly a bomber ship which is a lot slower so that particular level could prove to be a bit boring for some gamers. As I progressed through the levels I kept on expecting the locked ships to become unlocked but it only happened when I cleared the final chapter so now I can replay with a selection of Strike Suits to choose from. At the start of each level you’re told how to unlock an upgrade by achieving a particular task and although I wasn’t too concerned with them on the first play through, it’s a serious motivation to play through again with the unlocked Strike Suits.

Pursuit and Strike mode

So in summary what do we have here? There isn’t a multiplayer option and the game isn’t exactly stunning to look at but it’s an awesome flight experience, it includes a heavily armed mech, a decent story and well designed levels which combine to make it a super PS4 gaming experience. If you have any interest whatsoever in aerial combat I would strongly recommend the investment of £15.39/€17.99 as you will get several hours of fantastic entertainment and that’s just the first play through of the main campaign. There’s also 5 additional missions in the ‘Heroes of the Fleet’ campaign which is set in the early days of the war so you’re getting great value for the purchase price. Well done Born Ready Games, you managed to reignite an interest in a gaming genre that had been dormant for well over a decade. Speaking of which, Mrs Hairyback is beckoning me so I need to re-ignite myself as quickly as possible. Happy flying folks!

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