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The Last of Us Remastered heading to PS4

The Last of Us Remastered heading to PS4

If you’ve been following my ramblings on The Last of Us you’ll know that this is one game that left a big impression. In many ways it is to me what a monkey in a bikini is to HairyBack Tones; it looks good, it feels good and after it has given me everything it has to offer I still want more. In fact I’ve already vowed to set aside time in my busy gaming schedule to factor in a second play-through. Trust me, as I am now at the point in my life where reality demands I make time to have a career and foster relationships with other people, making the decision that a game is worthy of a repeat play-through is a serious compliment. Well it looks like Sony have seen fit to give me a few more reasons to dip my toes into these wonderful Naughty Dog waters again. As if I needed any!

The 2013 Game of the Year is coming, remastered, to PS4. To continue the somewhat unsettling metaphor from the opening, it’s as if the bikini-clad monkey has gotten a boob job and learned a few new tricks. While HairyBack Tones is no doubt lying on his living room floor,a puddle of drool forming around his panting body at the thought of this, let me fill you in on some more TLoU details!

In stunning 1080p, The Last of Us Remastered will feature higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting and upgraded textures. All major DLC will also come bundled with the game including the breathtaking “Left Behind” chapter that gives us more insight into Ellie’s character. Perhaps most interesting of all, for obsessive fans of the game like me, is the inclusion of an exclusive director’s commentary for all in-game cinematics featuring Creative Director and Writer, Neil Druckmann; Game Director, Bruce Straley; and Voice Actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

Set for release this summer, the game is already available to pre-order. Pre-order bonuses include unlockable bonus skins for Joel and Ellie, crafting and healing speed upgrades for the single player campaign as well as some weapon upgrades amongst other things. The rumours doing the rounds at the moment suggest that this will likely be a full price game. I can’t help but feel a little disappointed about this given that I’ve already paid full price for the game and its DLC less than a year ago. However, if the game ends up looking as good as recent PS4 releases like inFAMOUS: Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall then a Chimpan-D and his money will be easily parted. Check out the teaser trailer below to whet your appetite…


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