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Towerfall Ascension on PS4 Reviewed – Does Matt Make Good Games?

Towerfall Ascension on PS4 Reviewed – Does Matt Make Good Games?

I often make reference to the fact that some of my best memories from childhood are of playing my Commadore 64 in the late 80′s with my buddies. The standout co-op game from that era for me has to be Bubble Bobble and I’ve often wondered if I would ever relive those days of sitting on the couch with my buddies and getting into huge fights over who’s fault it was that yet again, we failed to get beyond level 96 of Bubble Bobble. Will Towerfall Ascension from Matt Makes Games be the game that brings me back in time to that happy place? The answer is Yes but only if I get the necessary game peripherals i.e. the real life friends!!!

Everyone is saying the same thing about Towerfall Ascension – “Buy some extra controllers and get your friends over”, “Man, this is the best buddy game of all time”, ‘Towerfall is one of the best things you can do on a couch”. That last one is a doozy, I can think of a dozen lingerie models that rank among the best things to do on a couch and as good as Towerfall is, it ain’t as good as a dozen lingerie models!

Superbomb Arrows – A modern twist on a classic piece of ammo

My reality is this, I’m in my thirties and the time I get to hook up with my buddies is pretty limited so when I get the chance, I’m a bar somewhere in Dublin enjoying copious pints of Guinness. I’m pretty certain that I will never play Towerfall Ascension with anyone else and for me the experience will be entirely solo but I can confirm that I am having a great time with it.

The game is super addictive and the levels are divided into a number of phases so you know how far you have progressed. It also means you know exactly how far you were from the end of the level when you lost your last life and that knowledge can be painful, frustrating and extremely motivating so you’ll keep on restarting the level and before you know it, it’s 5am and you need to get some sleep before you go to work for 9 hours!

Arrows, explosions, shields, treasure chests and ghouls – this game has it all!

The gameplay is straightforward – kill all the enemies before they kill you! You can kill them using your archery skills or by landing feet first on their heads. Both are fun but I’m particularly partial to the exploding arrows. Did I mention that there are weapon upgrades available? Now you know. What’s also a lot of fun is landing feet first on the flying enemies that drop a bomb when they die but be careful because that same bomb can mean your untimely demise too. Did I mention that the explosive arrows will blow you to hell if it hits an enemy that is too close? My point is that there are a lot of ways to lose a life in this game and you will find yourself dieing frequently! The controls are tight but it’s incredibly unforgiving and a lapse in concentration for a split second will mean that a valuable life has been wasted.

To be fair to the developers, it’s actually a lot more tactically challenging than I may have suggested. You have a very limited amount of ammo so you’ll find yourself perfecting your drops in order to save arrows and explosions will be timed with precision to maximise destruction. The fact that it’s not just about quick reflexes is what makes it interesting and the team at Matt Makes Games have done an amazing job of creating a game that may look like it was published 25 years ago but a lot of modern day design and thought has gone into this game. One other point, I have a sneaking suspicion that younger apes will take one look at the 2D ancient looking graphics and piss themselves laughing.¬† Me, I love those graphics but that’s probably more to do with nostalgia than the graphics themselves.

Does this remind anyone of Bubble Bobble or BomberMan? Yes, you’re too old to still be playing video games!

In summary, this review is pretty unique. Not only because it’s hilariously and brilliantly written but because it’s an incomplete review. I haven’t played the multiplayer which is supposed to be the best feature of the game but I still loved it although I don’t deny that I’d appreciate an online multiplayer. Can I blame the team at Matt Makes Games for the fact that the lingerie models I spend my time with aren’t gamers? I suppose not. Can I blame Matt Makes Games for not giving me the option to play with my newly found online¬† gaming buddies? Yes I can! If Matt Thorson is reading this, come on man, you know it’s the right thing to do. Give me the online mode that I want, it’s that or I teach some of these models how to use a dual shock 4 controller. It should be easy enough to do, they’re used to handling hard, chunky and smooth items that will spontaneously react when buttons are pushed in the right way.

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