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Watchdogs – 60 Minutes of Exclusive Playstation Content

Watchdogs – 60 Minutes of Exclusive Playstation Content

Regular visitors to the treehouse will know that not only is HB-Tones wise and fascinating, he is also something of of a Playstation enthusiast, (note that he is not, I repeat not a Sony Fanboy). He is also very mature which is why he is not going to say ‘Ha! Stick it Xbox fans – I said you would all regret your dumbass decision to buy an X-Box instead of a Playstation and now the day has come. Today HB-Tones has been proved right and you are all wrong!!!’

Luckily, I’m above all that so I’m just going to draw your attention to the video below which will give you a glimpse of the content that Ubisoft has seen fit to make exclusive to Playstation. This means that I am even more looking forward to the release date on 27th May than I had been and I imagine that Xbox owners will still be looking forward to it but there must be a slightly bitter taste with it. If anyone out there is sitting on the fence and is still deciding which next gen console to buy then maybe this content will be a factor in your decision. This handsome hairy ape reckons it’s just one of the many reasons you should get a PS4 but I’ll stop there because I don’t want to sound like a fanboy!

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