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Driveclub going “back to the drawing board”

Driveclub going “back to the drawing board”

Driveclub was set to herald in the next generation of racing games on PS4 as a launch title to be made free for Plus members. After a convincing showing at E3 it seemed as though Driveclub looked ready to go head to head with Forza for next gen pole position. And then it was delayed until early 2014…

The delay looks set to continue after a recent interview during which Scott Rohde, Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios, stated that the game is going “back to the drawing board”. Rohde goes on to say that this all comes back to PlayStation as a company wanting to ensure that they release quality products when they’re ready. I was fortunate enough to play some Driveclub last November at a PS4 launch event. At the time the game really impressed me with its stunning visuals but the actual practice of driving the car felt a bit unwieldy. If I had to guess I’d say it’s that core driving experience that is being fine-tuned.

Let’s hope this is just a pit stop and not a race-ending retirement..

Of course it can only be regarded as a positive thing that a company wants to make sure that a game is ready and up to their standard of quality before release. Especially if you look at the lengthening list of bug-ridden release debacles like Battlefield 4, Sim City and Batman: Arkham Origins. However, I can’t help but feel that missing it’s launch day release date has damaged some of the good work that was done back at E3 last year. If Driveclub is to regain some of its lost momentum it’s going to have to put in a serious lap time at this year’s show.

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