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Towerfall Ascension – Retro on the Latest Technology

Towerfall Ascension – Retro on the Latest Technology

Some of my happiest memories of being a little ape in the late 80′s are of playing my Commadore 64 with my buddies. We spent countless hours playing classics like Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Wonderboy and Bubble Bobble so 25 years later when I see games like TowerFall Ascension it’s a mixed bag of emotions.

A feeling of nostalgia comes over me along with an urge to indulge in retro gaming because it brings me back to a simpler time when by biggest concern was where I could get my hands on some naked lady pictures, (it was pre-internet – kids today have no idea how tough we had in the 80′s). However, I also feel an urge to piss and moan because the PS4 that I just spent €400 on has incredible graphical power and I’m looking at pixelart that was around over two decades ago!

I guess it comes down to this – is it retro & cool or is it retro, cool and GOOD!!! I’m all for retro as long as there is as much emphasis on the gameplay and it looks like the team at MattMakesGames have got the right mix with TowerFall Ascension. Classic retro graphics along with modern day game design can lead to a top class title although I don’t know how gamers of a younger vintage will take to this title. Then again who cares, I’m in my late 30′s and I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of it.

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