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Thief on PS4 – First Impressions

Thief on PS4 – First Impressions

If you like stealth games then you’ll no doubt have heard of Thief; the latest release from Square Enix to put you in a world where sneaking is the name of the game. However, you’ve probably also heard that the game has been getting mixed reviews from critics. Eager to play something new on my shiny PS4 I decided to take a gamble and pick the game up. Having spent about five hours with Thief at this stage the question is; has it stolen my heart or just my money?

He’s behind you!!

I’ve always been a fan of the stealth genre but as the years have gone by it’s a play-style that hasn’t gotten much attention. Of course some first person shooters will occasionally tack on a “stealth” section but these are usually ill-fitting and rage-inducing. You’d think that with this lack of options available I would jump on Thief like HairyBack Tones on a woman made of bananas. While I revelled in 2011′s “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” (also from Square Enix) other games like “Dishonored” left me feeling annoyed and short-changed. I was very much hoping that Thief would play more like the former with a mini-game that let’s you strangle the latter.

Peaking feels great! Just like HairyBack Tones in the ladies locker room…

The fact of the matter is that Thief feels like a game that fits somewhere between Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Skyrim. The great stealth gameplay of Human Revolution returns in a somewhat Gothic Victorian world that sees you pocketing everything that isn’t glued down in any house or business you happen to invade. It’s the lock-picking and item-collection that puts me in mind of Skyrim along with the sword fighting and arrow-firing. The stealth elements of the game place a heavy emphasis on the use of light in your environment. If you remain in the shadows you’ll be almost invisible to guards and foes and you can even use items like “water arrows” to quench distant candles and light sources. It’s a game that rewards careful observation and timing. I can’t speak to the combat mechanics because, as a thief, I haven’t felt the need to kill yet. Give it time though.

Arrows can be used for more than just killing! But, just to confirm, they can also be used for killing..

The graphics in Thief are serviceable. They certainly look pretty on PS4 but lack the same sparkle as other next-gen games like Killzone: Shadowfall and Battlefield 4. The game also faces some technical issues in areas like lip-syncing and (seemingly) randomly played audio clips of NPC speech. The world consists of small areas stapled together by loading screens. This is disappointing in 2014 when you consider what a team like Rockstar can achieve with open world gameplay but it isn’t as frustrating as other reviewers have been making out.

All things considered I am really enjoying Thief and would easily recommend it to fans of the genre. It probably won’t leave the same lasting impression that Deus Ex: Human Revolution did but you’ll certainly get some bang for your buck. Thief is available now for PS3, PS4, 360, Xbox One and PC.

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