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Helldivers – Top Down Co-op Shooter on PS3, PS4 and Vita

Helldivers – Top Down Co-op Shooter on PS3, PS4 and Vita

I love diving – Scuba diving, Sky diving, Cliff Diving, there’s a town called Muff in Ireland (I don’t know why that place just popped into my head). Anyway, Helldiving sounds awesome and now I can add it to the list of diving activities that I love.

This is a top down co-op shooter from Arrowhead Games and it looks like a ridiculous amount of fun. It’s got serious loadout customization functionality where a wide variety of weapons and explosives can be selected and there are also additional special skills that can be unlocked through play. Coupled with this is an absurd amount of action and it looks like it should lead to laugh out loud hilarity along with superb gameplay. Missions can be played by two to four players but be careful because friendly fire will also lead to a rapid and gruesome death.

Missions feel like they’re just fast and fun but these are all part of an overall Metagame where Arrowhead plans to create community-wide wars that last for two real-life months. This is a clever way of bringing a lot of thought and strategy to a seemingly straight forward shooter so it should be a great addition to PS3, PS4 and Vita later in 2014

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