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Pavilion – Fourth Person Puzzling Adventure for PS4 and Vita

Pavilion – Fourth Person Puzzling Adventure for PS4 and Vita
As usual I’m confused!¬† We have First Person games, we have Third Person games and now we have a Fourth Person game – what happened to Second Person? Moments later after a swift google, I now know that Second Person Shooters are in fact from the view point of the enemies of the player. Sounds interesting but not as interesting as the Fourth Person Puzzling Adventure from Visiontrack Media.


¬†Two things excite me about this game – one, there is no tutorial and two, there is no beginning explanation. I know that they are both really the same thing but I think it’s worth mentioning twice. This game will drop you into a world where you will initially have no idea what to do and you gradually figure it out. You don’t even control your character, instead you interact with the environment to guide, influence or force your avatar to progress through the world.


¬†This is a very intriguing game but I have to say the title doesn’t grab me! ‘Pavilion’ reminds me of a local theatre or shopping mall as opposed to an exciting new genre of game that deserves to be in the spot light! Anyway, at the moment we know very little about this but if you’re lucky enough to be in Japan between Match 7th and 9th you should hit the BitSummit, (the Kyoto Indie Games Festival) where Pavilion will be playable. If you bump into the guys from Visiontrack there, tell them that Hairyback Tones is unimpressed with the title ‘Pavilion’ – I’m sure they won’t care but I’ll feel better about it!

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