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Ape Conversations – PS4, Ladies Lingerie and Outlast’s Fresh Underpants

Ape Conversations – PS4, Ladies Lingerie and Outlast’s Fresh Underpants

Chimpman-D: Hey Hairy Back Tones, haven’t seen you for ages dude. Where have you been?

HB-Tones: That crazy lingerie model has been stalking me so I’ve been keeping a low profile. Luckily the stalking started the same day that I got my PS4 so it was impeccable timing!

Chimpman-D: What do you think of it?

HB-Tones: Stalking is wrong but it’s nice to know that I’m wanted.

Chimpman-D: No dude, the PS4.

HB-Tones: Stupid question man – it’s friggin awesome?

Chimpman-D: I know I’m stupid but humor me, what do you think of it?

HB-Tones: I feel like a teenager who has just realized that the internet is 87% porno. When I’m playing the PS4 an incredible joy and total apathy about everything in the world that is non-gaming related comes over me.  For the last two weeks I have done literally nothing but play Killzone or Resogun and I just downloaded Outlast from PS Plus so now gaming is in my nightmares too!

Chimpman-D: Have you checked out the other PS4 functions like ‘Share’?

HB-Tones: Nope, absolutely nothing other than gaming, the social stuff just doesn’t float my boat. I’ll check it out at some stage but right now, I’m over indulging in nothing but pure gaming and the model.

Chimpman-D: I thought you were trying to avoid that chick?

HB-Tones: Not completely, she’s a lingerie model so she can be quite persuasive if you know what I mean.

Chimpman-D: I sure do. If Outlast is as scary as I’ve heard it is then it could be useful having a lingerie model close by just in case you need some fresh underwear.

HB-Tones: Ah dude, it’s ladies underwear…

Chimpman-D: So what, it’s snug and surprisingly comfy – you should give it a try.

HB-Tones: Nah, I’ve a feeling a man of my size would struggle with the chaffing. Besides she only wears underwear when she’s at work.

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