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The Last of Us DLC – New Trailer

The Last of Us DLC – New Trailer

I have two great loves in my life; my monkey missus and The Last of Us. Now, thanks to both of them, I’ve got one great dilemma. They’ll both be vying for my attention come Valentine’s day. Both boast stunning graphics, great controls and varying degrees of difficulty but only one let’s me cave infected people’s heads in with a brick.

Yes, The Last of Us will be receiving brand new story DLC entitled “Left Behind” on February 14th. For fans of the game like myself it will be a welcome excuse to return to a harrowing world where survival is the name of the game. The story in this new chapter takes place before the events of the main game and promises to provide more insight into Ellie’s character by revealing her back story prior to her adventures with Joel.

This is Ellie before her encounter with Joel. She has no idea what she’s in for…

The new trailer places Ellie asleep in her dorm room in a military boarding school where she is awoken in the night by her friend Riley who has been missing for some time. This isn’t the first time we’ve been introduced to Ellie prior to the story of The Last of Us. A four part graphic novel was released last year called “American Dreams” which told the story of Ellie’s arrival to the school and the formation of her friendship with Riley. In the graphic novel it is clear that Riley is something of a troublemaker with one burning goal; to become a member of the outlawed resistance group, the Fireflies. From this new trailer it’s clear that Riley has achieved this and is looking to rope Ellie into some shenanigans.

By now Naughty Dog has proven their mastery of story-telling and gripping gameplay and this will be top of my gaming list come February 14th. I just need to figure out how I squeeze in my play through between a candlelit dinner and reciting romantic poetry.

Roses are red,
and so is my blood,
so mix alcohol with a rag and you have a molotov cocktail – BOOM!!

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