Attention Indie Developers - Unity is Now on PS Vita | Gamerillaz

Attention Indie Developers – Unity is Now on PS Vita

Attention Indie Developers – Unity is Now on PS Vita

You might find this hard to believe but the GZ apes don’t get paid for being bloggers so we need alternative sources of income. Davie Kong is a bodyguard/slave for a homo-erotic porn star, Chimpan-D is a cross dressing go-go dancer and I sell my incredible hair for money. However, I’m currently thinking about taking up game development because the Unity game development engine is now on Vita which means game development just got a whole lot easier!

Basically this means that developers only have to write one version of their code and it will run on multiple platforms. This means the same effort but more cash to spend on booze, bananas and belly dancers – count me in! Zoink! has just released ‘Stick it to the Man’ on PS3 and Vita and it looks absolutely crazy….I mean bat$hit, out of this world, monkey nuts crazy and I cannot wait to play it on Vita. Check out the video below and if you keep an eye out, (1m 26s into it!) you might spot the lovely Lady-Ape that Chimpan-D’s been sticking it to lately. She’s a lucky lady!


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