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AC IV: Black Flag – ‘Appy Pirating!

AC IV: Black Flag – ‘Appy Pirating!

To say I’ve been playing a lot of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag would be putting things mildly. While I’ve played plenty of other entries in the series before, none have ever captured my imagination in the same way that Black Flag has. While I still think the series has some flaws in areas such as combat and mission design there is something utterly addictive about being a pirate, engaging in huge naval battles and digging for buried treasure! It consumes me. No longer am I satisfied with a life on land, my dreams are always of the sea and its many mysteries.

Treasure! Treasure as far as the eye can see! Well.. Treasure Maps anyway…

In fact its too addictive. Every time I turn the game on I get lost in exploring new islands and finding all of the treasure chests and secrets to the point that missions and side quests go right out the window. It’s this obsessive compulsive disorder that has caused me to neglect one large aspect of the game; managing my fleet of ships. While a better, more professional pirate would be carrying out ship repairs and sending crews into battle and off on trade missions, I’m off chasing that sparkly animus fragment that’s glittering in the distance. This results in me collecting lots of useless shiny things but having a fleet that’s about as impressive as the Irish navy’s.

Sort your ship out, mate! There’s money to be made!

Well thankfully I’ve found a way to satisfy both my Black Flag addiction while finally getting some use out of my fleet. Its the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag companion app for iOS and Android. I only found out about its existence by chance while listening to a podcast (the always entertaining EpicBattleAxe crew) but this app connects right into your console experience and offers plenty of cool features sure as the ability to check out the world map, review entries in the animus database, analyse treasure maps and track your in-game progress.

There’s no HD graphics here but it’s still pretty riveting!

Most importantly of all it allows you to manage your fleet! Whatever ships you capture in-game will automatically pop up in the app and via the app you can send them on missions, engage in battles as well as repair ships and manage your docks. The best thing is that money and treasures earned in the app will appear in-game when you boot up your console. Finally I have found a way to progress my game, earn money and do it all from the comfort of the toilet. If you’re playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Blag Flag then I’d heartedly advise that you check this out. It’s a great example of how you can take a little bit of your favourite console game with you when you leave home and hopefully a sign of things to come from other developers.

Result! The only casualty to report is my smart phone’s battery!


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