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16 Reasons to Still Love Your PS3

16 Reasons to Still Love Your PS3

Hairyback Tones may never have been faithful to anything in his entire life but gosh darn it, if I’ve ever known true love it’s with that smooth, black, seductive temptress that never lets me down, never bores me and lets me play with myself as much as I want. Yes, I truly love my PS3 and although I’d love to get my hands on a PS4, I’ve realised that I still have so much unfinished business with my PS3.

I’ve thought about this a lot and I thinkĀ  the only way to quantify this is to go through the discs and downloads on my harddrive that I have so far not played at all, only played a little of or played loads but have an uncontrollable urge to go back for more! This list is in no particular order, it’s just some games that I have in my possession that I really want to play more of before I can move on to the PS4.

  1. Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Blacklist – My first Tom Clancy game ever and although I loved it, I just didn’t find the time to really get into it because I got Beyond Two Souls and that took over!
  2. God of War: Ascension – Finished the single player but really want to replay it – I can’t explain why, I just have an urge to be the toughest dude of all time again.
  3. Beyond Two Souls – Currently my game of choice and I reckon I’m pretty close to the end so watch this space for a review. Really enjoying it and I reckon this could persuade me to get into an entirely new game genre.
  4. Playstation All Stars Battle Royale: I played it loads on my Vita but hardly ever on my PS3 – if ever! I really want to give it a try just because it’s so much mindless fun.
  5. Stealth Inc: Courtesy of PS Plus and I haven’t even started it. I’ve heard a tonne of good things though so I’m definitely going to give it a try
  6. Guacamelee: Courtesy of PS Plus and I haven’t played this either but I only downloaded it last night so I don’t feel bad about it. Also heard it’s fantastic so can’t wait to try it out.
  7. Rain: Beautiful game that I dropped out of when I got Black List. Really want to see what happens to that kid!
  8. Need for Speed Most Wanted: I usually don’t get into car games but this one was so awesome I kept going back for more.
  9. Saints Row: The Third: Courtesy of PS Plus and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t started it either. From what I’m told, it’s incredibly fun.
  10. Spec Ops The Line: A really enjoyable 3rd person shooter that I’m pretty sure I’m close to finishing. It’s the story that makes me want to go back to it but the thing I don’t like is that the protagonist is the same actor who plays Nathan Drake and I really hate that jerk!
  11. XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Superb game but I just didn’t have the time to get into it properly. I really want to get into though so I just have to clear some time in my gaming schedule and make the time to give this the thought that it deserves.
  12. The Cave – I’ve played through with each character except for one and I’m damn sure going to complete it again. One of my gaming highlights of 2013. Thank You PS Plus
  13. Twisted Metal: Racing, Horror, Carnage, Murder. What’s not to love?
  14. Journey: I only played through once and I was pretty drunk by the end so I want to go back and do it with a clear head. I think I missed some of the emotional impact first time round!
  15. Infamous 2: I’ve barely played it but again, this game seems awesome. Infamous Second Son on the PS4 seems amazing too so I want to get some background in the series.
  16. The Last of Us – this one’s a bit of a cheat. I haven’t bought it yet but Chimpan-D said it’s the best game he’d ever played and although he’s wrong about everything else in life, he’s usually spot on when it come to games so I’m going to have to give this a try.

So there you have it. Just some of the reasons not to be too upset if you don’t have a PS4 yet. Personally, I reckon fantastic titles will continue to come out for the PS3 for a few more years so it’ll be a great console for a long time to come. That aside, I’m still looking forward to getting my PS4 but in the meantime, I’ve got lots of gaming to do!



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