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Playstation Lights Up the River Liffey

Playstation Lights Up the River Liffey

If you know Dublin then you’ll know that the river Liffey isn’t a particularly good looking river but at 6:30am on Thursday 28th Nov 2013 it will look absolutely amazing. Why? Because a large pontoon, between O’Connell Bridge and the Ha’ Penny Bridge, with the iconic Playstation symbols will be lit up in fluorescent colours to celebrate the arrival of the PS4.

Later that evening 100 finalists,  who by now should have their invitations, will take part in a competition to become the first five owners of a PS4 in Ireland. Man, I already hate those dudes! I stupidly left it too late to pre-order mine so I’m going to have to queue with the plebs to get mine. Although, truth be told I’ve got slightly mixed feelings about getting the new console because there are so many incredible titles that I haven’t played on my PS3 yet.

Saints Row The Third, Infamous 2, Rain, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls and many, many more. Will I have any interest in playing the PS3 when I have a shiny new PS4 in the house? I suspect that I will not! I certainly never turned on my PS2 again after getting my Ps3. Jesus, what a first world problem! There are people starving all over the world and I’m worried about falling out of love with my soon to be last generation console….Mrs Hairyback is right, I’m such an asshole!


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