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PS4 Rooms Open Early in Dublin

PS4 Rooms Open Early in Dublin

The title of this article is only true if you happen to be one of the lucky few who were invited to the PS4 Rooms launch party that took place on Tuesday night of this week. The GZ apes were among the few so we had the opportunity to check out the PS4 Rooms before they opened to the public on Wednesday 20th November. Were we impressed? Lets just say there was cocktails, PS4′s and mini-beef burgers – does that answer your question!

The evening began when we presented ourselves to the staff at the door of No. 10 St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2. As promised, we were on the list so we entered and within seconds a very attractive young lady offered me Killzone Cocktail – I asked what was in it, not that it mattered, and when I heard Jack Daniels I knew it was going to be a good night.

We ventured toward the consoles, cocktails in hand, and decided that a quick reconnaissance was in order. The PS4 Rooms themselves are not particularly big so it didn’t take long to get the lay of the land. I reckon there were approximately 15 consoles spread out over two floors and although I was initially disappointed that the consoles themselves were safely stored out of reach within glass boxes, my disappointment quickly vanished when I saw what what was on the screens attached to said consoles.

The set up reminded me of going to the arcade when I was a kid – lots of people standing around waiting for their turn while they watched others play. What also impressed me was the fact that there was no talk about the many features of the console, (social interaction, share, multitasking etc.), it was all about the games which is exactly what this ape is most interested in.

The games that were available included AAA titles such as Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, Assassins Creed Black Flag and Call of Duty Ghosts as well as indie titles such as Octodad and Resogun. I’ve never kept a secret of the fact that I’m a huge Killzone fan so that’s what I went for first. I had to wait a while for my turn but I found that another Killzone Cocktail made the wait more tolerable. The Dualshock 4 controller immediately felt comfortable and I was instantly impressed by the new touch pad but within a few seconds I was much more taken up with shooting the living s**t out of¬† whoever I saw on the 32″ widescreen in front of me. The graphical detail and polish has to be seen to be believed – stunning shots of the city, reflections in glass, the movement of shadows and the way enemies collapse after getting shot is superb. The spirit of Killzone is well and truly kept alive in this entry and I can’t wait to give it a proper try.

Next on my list was Resogun which is a side scrolling shoot em up and I was not disappointed. I’ve always¬† loved these arcade style games and I was immediately hooked. Countless enemies to shoot out of the sky, power ups and explosions that take up the entire screen – what’s not to love! What’s even better is that it’s going to be free to PS Plus members at launch so I’m pretty sure I’ll be clocking up a lot of hours on this bad boy.


Octodad is an interesting title and although it wouldn’t be for me, I can see the appeal. The protagonist is an octopus who has somehow managed to convince his human family that he is also human. It’s a hilarious concept and it looks like great fun so I can see it being hugely popular. To me, this is an indication of Sony’s commitment to indie game makers and I think the PS4 will be an incredibly powerful opportunity for these guys to turn their crazy ideas into successful titles.

The rooms are open until December 8th so make sure you get there to try it out. I came away from it with a feeling that Sony are putting gamers first, game developers second and all the other entertainment features of the PS4 after those two. This ape reckons that if Sony sticks to this order of priorities they will have a hugely successful PS4 and for me, November 29th can’t come fast enough.

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