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Xbox One Tour in Dublin!

Xbox One Tour in Dublin!

I was lucky enough to make it along to the Xbox One Tour earlier today in Dublin’s Ambassador Theatre. On display and available to play was, not only the next gen console itself, but a whole bunch of launch titles. So how did my first peak at the future of gaming fare? Read on and find out.

Attendance at the tour, which has been running since Thursday and ends tomorrow, was a stroke of luck. You simply needed to register your interest on the official Xbox website and hope that you’d be picked in a random draw. I wasn’t victorious but my buddy was and I headed along as a, strictly platonic, “plus one”. Upon entering the Ambassador you are greeted by a whole bunch of Xbox Ones and they’re all boasting different launch games. The console itself is actually a little smaller than I’d been expecting and looks pretty slick. The controller has a similarly chic finish although I’ll admit it didn’t feel as immediately comfortable in my hands as its 360 forefather.

The Ambassador – I wonder if there are any PlayStations inside….

The games themselves all have a layer of graphical detail and polish that unquestionably distinguishes them from current gen. The first one I tried out was Killer Instinct. I’m new to this much lauded series and I’ll confess I didn’t quite understand what was going on. I lost the fight though. That much was painfully clear. After that I joined the queue for Call of Duty: Ghosts. I’d heard that the game doesn’t look much better on next gen compared to 360 and PS3 but I was impressed by the crisp textures. I played a mode called Crank that is new to the series. Taking some inspiration from the Jason Statham movie of the same name, once you rack up a kill you have only thirty seconds to land another or else you’ll explode. It was fun and frantic and I thought I’d found the next gen shooter for me until I played Battlefield 4. I was absolutely blown away by the multiplayer gameplay and this is now one game that is firmly at the top of my gaming wish list.

Just look at all those consoles, HD TVs and beanbags.. a gaming paradise…

Forza 5, of course, was looking absolutely stunning and was the first game that truly brought the new Impulse Triggers to my attention as I struggled to keep my McLaren on the track. This new addition to the controller provides individual rumble feedback to each trigger button and is definitely a cool feature although it will take a little getting used to. Dead Rising 3 was a blast to play and looked great. Ryse: Son of Rome also looked gorgeous although the gameplay felt a little bit clunky to me. It  didn’t help, perhaps, that I didn’t know any of the controls at the time but maybe I’m just making excuses for myself!

I steered clear of the Kinect as I didn’t want to look like (more of) a fool in a public place!

After a solid two hours in the Ambassador, during which I scored a cracking goal in Fifa 14, I left feeling genuinely excited about the next generation of gaming. I think the thing that stood out to me the most, aside from the shinny new console and glittering graphics, was just how strong the launch line-up for the Xbox One is. Let the games begin!


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