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Gran Turismo 6 – Under The Hood

Gran Turismo 6 – Under The Hood

With only a month before Gran Turismo 6 is released on December 6th Sony and Polyphony Digital have unveiled a tonne of details on what you can look forward to in the next installment of the real driving simulator. This is more than just a simple oil change or new set of tyres. This is an overhaul that Xzibit himself would be proud of. So let’s break it down and see if this gets your motor running.

First and foremost let’s talk numbers. Every GT game has boasted bigger and better car and track rosters and GT6 looks to continue this trend. The game will feature over 1,200 vehicles each created to look, sound and handle true to their real world counterparts. This huge library of motors will be made up of every car type imaginable from historic classics to supercars and surely a Honda Civic or two in between. It will even feature cars that have yet to be released in the real world which is sure to keep petrol heads happy.

GT6 will feature plenty of venues to test drive and race these cars with 37 locations and 100 layouts including new tracks like Silverstone, Ascari and Willow Springs. A new environmental simulation feature will see these track’s weather conditions reflect real world conditions. I can’t explain why but ever since the Tiger Woods games started doing this a few years back I’ve always found it to be a compelling feature. Perhaps the most interesting new feature of all is the upgraded Course Maker. By downloading a companion app for your smart phone you will be able to take a spin around your neighbourhood and have the logged GPS data re-create the route as an in-game track. It will even display a replay of how you drove. This sounds really intriguing and, depending on how well its implemented, could be reason alone to pick up this game.

The game modes have also been given an overhaul. Arcade mode returns in true arcade fashion allowing you to tackle computer driven opponents or a friend via split screen. The GT mode has been re-branded Career mode and will see you earning credits to ascend the ranks, gain new licenses and unlock new career events. There’s also a new mini-game mode called Coffee Break which gives you brief, fun events to try out when you only have a few minutes to spare. Online mode has been further enhanced allowing players to create and partake in clubs, organise events or just jump into a quick race. Add to all this refined physics, graphics and car customisation and this is beginning to sound like one hell of a package.

I’ll admit that for me personally GT5 didn’t quite live up to expectations. It was a great game and another solid installment in the series but it felt like more of a HD upgrade rather than a brand new game and certain aspects of the game modes and game design were beginning to feel old. I hadn’t planned on picking up GT6 but after this reveal from Sony my mind has certainly been changed. With Drive Club postponed until 2014 and GT6 boasting a revamped career mode, impressive car and track rosters and awesome new features like the GPS track maker I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll find me cruising down Trial Mountain in a Nissan Skyline come December. I’m excited now.


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