The Walking Dead: Season Two – Teaser Trailer Unleashed! | Gamerillaz

The Walking Dead: Season Two – Teaser Trailer Unleashed!

The Walking Dead: Season Two – Teaser Trailer Unleashed!

Undead fans rejoice! Today marks the arrival of a Season Two teaser trailer for Telltale’s phenomenally popular episodic adventure drama; The Walking Dead. The game looks set to follow the story of Clementine as she continues her quest to survive in a world overrun by zombies and, perhaps even more worryingly, other human beings. Without giving too much away Season One left Clementine with something of an uphill struggle ahead of her. This time around the player will control Clem directly and we still need to see how the people and events of 400 Days will come to play a part in our young heroine’s journey. Plus, there’s still a few unanswered questions left over from Season One that need to be resolved. That’s right Kenny, I’m looking at you!

With no official release date but rumours of November this is one game that will be the perfect companion to a cold winter’s night and a roaring fire. If you haven’t played Season One then you really need to sort your life out. If you have and just can’t wait for more then I would strongly recommend Telltale’s recent effort; The Wolf Among Us. But firstly take a look at the teaser trailer below. Like an underfed walker that’s been snacking on a small child, this is one trailer that will leave you hungry for more. Jeez, I hope that joke wasn’t in bad “taste”. Okay, I’ll stop now…

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