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The Wolf Among Us: Episode One – Reviewed!

The Wolf Among Us: Episode One – Reviewed!

The Wolf Among Us is the latest episodic adventure game from Telltale Games, the developer who brought us 2012′s game of the year The Walking Dead. While this graphic novel adventure may focus on the exploits of many different fairy-tale characters trying to live our their lives in New York City, this is no bed time story.

The downloadable title is based on Bill Willingham’s comic book series “Fables”. The characters in the game are the “fables” in question and feature a cast of familiar folks such as Beauty, Beast, Snow White and Ichabod Crane. These fables live openly in New York City in an area known as Fabletown but use an expensive magic called “Glamour” to hide their true forms from the rest of humanity. You take on the role of Bigby Wolf (a.k.a. Bid Bad Wolf) who acts as the local sheriff. If you’re worried that all of this sounds a little bit childish let me counter that by saying that within the opening five minutes of the game a prostitute buries an axe into the back of an abusive drunk’s head. And that’s after Bigby has given him a solid beating.

This big bad wolf has a mean right hook

The game plays out almost identically to the studio’s previous award-winning effort. There are lengthy portions of dialogue and story-telling and you’ll occasionally have to search an environment for clues or get caught up in a quick-time action sequence. Just as The Walking Dead before it your decisions will have permanent consequences and make long-lasting impressions upon the people you meet along the way. There’s been a few tweaks made to the action set pieces as well which make them feel more intense and exciting.

Snow White acts as a sultry side kick and there’s no dwarfs nearby to kill the mood…

The story itself has all the components of a classic detective noir thriller; a damsel in distress, a shocking murder and Bibgy, the rough, gruff detective with a bone to pick. Its interesting, entertaining, full of superb characters and the way episode one ends will definitely leave you wanting to press on and see how the mystery plays out. The familiar graphic novel art style also makes a return. It’s looking better than ever and, due to the subject matter and film noir setting, takes on a more stylish tone overall which is truly a feast for the eyes.

Colin is your flatmate. He’s one of the three little pigs.. the one who chain smokes and necks bourbon all day..

If you’ve played Telltale’s The Walking Dead you’ll no doubt know that these guys have mastered the art of interactive story-telling. Let me re-assure you that the subject matter in The Wolf Among Us is just as intriguing and entertaining. This game is an easy recommendation. Each episode will set you back about five quid and give you approximately two hours of content. I’ve already dropped twenty euro on the Season Pass for all five episodes. Now that’s confidence in a product!

You don’t want to make Bigby angry.. you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…


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