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Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut – Fright Time!!

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut – Fright Time!!

When I heard that Lone Survivor was a “survival horror” game I jumped at the chance to review it. Survival horror is a genre I’ve always held close to my heart since taking my first tour of Raccoon City and self-inflicting permanent psychological damage through late night exposure to Silent Hill. With Capcom’s classic franchise having all but said goodbye to its horror roots in favour of big budget action and Konami’s once great series gradually diminishing in quality since its arrival in HD its been a while since I played a game that truly had me gripped, on the edge of my seat, too afraid to even take a breath. So I get asked if I want to review a survival horror game and I say “Hell yeah!” without so much as a second thought. Imagine my surprise when I find out that this is a pixel art indie game!

The game gives you a lot of places to explore and objects to interact with

The game has just been released for PS3 and Vita but has been available for PC since March of  last year. The recent release has been branded “The Director’s Cut” promising new items, locations and endings added to the original game. Upon starting the game you’re given three pieces of advice; turn out the lights, turn up the sound and disable trophy notifications to ensure total immersion. Check, check and check – so far I’m liking this game’s style.

Discarded, mutilated corpses – probably a bad sign…

You are then cast into a world where you appear to be the titular lone survivor of some catastrophic event that has left people dead, monsters prowling in the shadows and a whole lot of… weird stuff in its wake. Add to this the fact that the main character seems to be suffering from delusions and hallucinations and you’ve got a recipe for a perplexing and perturbing adventure.

Nothing out of the ordinary going on here..

Having only played an hour of the game so far I can tell that it has been heavily inspired by Silent Hill both in terms of gameplay design and even down to things like the music and certain sound effects. This is no bad thing of course but the whole game plays out like a 2D platformer/point-and-click adventure hybrid. So far I’m enjoying it, especially the story-driven moments where I get the feeling that I really shouldn’t be believing everything that I am seeing. The game also does a really good job of making you second-guess every decision you make. So far though the scares and chills I so desperately seek haven’t really materialised. Its early days though and I’m looking forward to delving deeper into this curious nightmare. Plus maybe I’m just getting braver in my old age. Yeah, I’m a bad ass mother!

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