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PS4 – My Secret Gaming Wish List

PS4 – My Secret Gaming Wish List

I’ve been a gaming fan for as long as I remember. From the days of the Gameboy and Mega Drive onwards I’ve owned almost all of the consoles. However, there’s one platform that has been with me, and grown alongside me, over the years and that’s PlayStation. I still remember the wonder I felt as I explored my first tomb or hurtled down Trial Mountain in my Nissan Skyline. I thought gaming could never get any better but it has; in ways I could never have imagined as a simple-minded twelve-year old boy. While I anxiously await the arrival of PS4 on November 29th, and  next gen games like Watchdogs, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son, I can’t help but cast my mind back to other games that share a special place in my heart but failed to make the transition from PS1 and PS2 to the mighty PlayStation 3. Their future on Sony’s next console seems all but non-existent. Then again, maybe some developer somewhere is blowing the dust off an old file they’ve found stuffed down the side of the couch. Maybe there’s still hope for these stars of yesteryear. Here is my super-secret gaming wish list for PS4.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot 2 is the reason I bought a PlayStation. Up until that point I was calling over to my mate’s house to have just one more try at the polar bear level every other day and he was clearly getting miffed. This series on PS1 had everything; great graphics, an awesome soundtrack, great boss battles, a villain named Cortex and the aforementioned polar bear riding sections. It was gorgeous gaming glory and the type of experience that has become lost in a world of modern shooters. While the series did continue on PS2 something about the later games never felt right; perhaps due to the shift in developer and publisher. Please, Naughty Dog, take back the reigns and restore Crash to the PlayStation icon he once was!

Destruction Derby

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not talking about Destruction Derby, Destruction Derby Raw or even Destruction Derby Arenas released for PS2 in 2004. I’m talking about Destruction Derby 2 for PS1. To this day this game stands out in my mind as the premiere example of aggressive racing carnage. The roar of the engine, thrash metal blaring in the background, a commentator somewhere roaring “Your radiators blown!” as your car explodes into pieces of shrapnel and glass, and somehow you still cross the Chalk Canyon finish line in first place. It was an un-quantifiable concoction of awesome. And I want it back.

Dino Crisis

This was the game that was equal parts Resident Evil and Jurassic Park. Need I say more? With the main Resident Evil series experiencing an on-going identity crisis perhaps the time is right for Capcom to bring back true survival horror in the guise of time-traveling dinosaurs. Spooky scientists and eerie islands are what made this series stand out to me on PlayStation One. Those and, of course, the ever present threat that a T-Rex might be lurking just around the corner. There was a third game in the main series released on Xbox but I never got to play it. Maybe enough time has passed for another Dino Crisis to take place on PS4.

Syphon Filter

Gabe Logan. The Agency. The Syphon Filter virus. These are words that made my spine tingle with excitement back in the day. While I was a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter let you truly be a bad ass operative as you traversed the world sneaking through complexes, racking up head shots and setting people on fire because you’d tasered them a bit too long. The music was great, the story was awesome and it was tough as nails to finish. Three excellent games were released for PS1 but then things started to take a turn for the… ropey. Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain was released for PS2 in 2004. With a focus on online gameplay it was ahead of its time and, also, not very good. After that the series was confined to PSP releases and has been M.I.A. for some time. What I wouldn’t give to take Gabe on another adventure on the PS4. And taser some guy until his head explodes.


What happened to this series? Once regarded as the games that truly birthed the stealth genre and now nowhere to be seen. When Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassin’s was released I was blown away. Not only did it feature breath-taking stealth gameplay, horrific executions and an endless array of missions and mad bosses but this PS1 game came bundled with a level editor! Since the days of PS1 I’ve dropped in and out of the series on PS2 and, dare I say it Wii, but the series was already showing signs of losing that little spark that had once made it feel so special. Since 2008 Tenchu has shown no signs of life but I’d dearly love another shot at dealing out death; ninja-style.

Canis Canem Edit

This gem of game from Rockstar now seems like a distant memory. Taking on the role of troublemaker Jimmy Hopkins you are free to roam the campus of Bullworth Academy, and the surrounding town, wreaking havoc wherever you go. Like the more recent Red Dead Redemption, it shows that Rockstar’s domination of the open world genre extends far beyond the world of GTA. With rumours circling as recently as July of this year that a sequel to Bully may be in the pipeline the phrase “Back to School” is taking on a whole new meaning!


This PS2 series of first person shooters showed just how much fun an FPS could be on a console.  Which makes sense given that they were developed by the people who brought you GoldenEye on N64. The games managed to strike a great balance between zany worlds and serious action and I know that, given the choice, I’d be reaching for TimeSplitters 4 over CoD: Ghosts once I get my PS4 all hooked up. Sadly, this seems like an unlikely option as a new entry in the series has all but been entirely ruled out by developer Steve Ellis.

The Getaway

The first Getaway game blew my mind when it was released. The (almost) photo-realistic replication of London, real car manufacturers and gritty writing and action all made for an experience that kept me gripped to my controller. Plus this was back when games were difficult and this one was a beast! The follow-up game, Black Monday, smoothed over some of the first game’s problems while sadly taking the edge off at the same time. Though a third game was announced for PS3 it never showed up. Maybe it’s still out there, ready to make brown breads out of some slags on PS4. Who knows!

Medal of Honor

Right, I know Medal of Honour games are still being released as recently as 2012. I’m not talking about those mediocre, modern shooters. I’m talking about the original entries in the series that got us hooked in the first place. I’m talking about World War 2. The first two games on PS1 were something special and made you feel like you were part of WW2. Then came Frontline on PS2 and people were, quite literally, blown away by the game’s opening level on Omaha Beach. Then came game after game after game. Other studios began releasing WW2 titles. Fatigue gripped the genre and everything began to feel stale. Well, enough time has passed now. I’m ready for a truly next-gen WW2 shooter that favours deep immersion over spectacular set pieces with the original Medal of Honor theme music playing softly in the background.


So there we have it. Am I asking for too much? Probably. But then again, these titles once held a world of gamers captive. We’ve grown up now and we’ve got cash to spend. Maybe someone somewhere will see fit to green light the re-birth of a classic franchise. And I can teach my PS4 all about it.

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