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Breakquest: Extra Evolution on Vita – Arkanoid for the 21st Century

Breakquest: Extra Evolution on Vita – Arkanoid for the 21st Century

If you are a gamer of a certain vintage, you should remember Arkanoid from Taito. Conceptually it was a simple game where you control a ship by moving it left and right along the bottom of the screen underneath a bunch of bricks and use Pong like physics to fire a ball at the bricks and bounce it back until all the bricks have been smashed. To add to the excitement, there were power ups that included multiple balls, twin-ships and lasers but there was also the dreaded fast moving ball and the mini ship.

Twenty five years later Arkanoid is now available on your Vita except it’s called Breakquest and it’s from Nurium games. It’s also turns your Vita into a time traveling machine because it temporarily transports me back to 1989 when I was playing Arkanoid on my Commadore 64. I feel the same elation on completing a level along with the absolute devastation of losing the last ball when there’s just a single brick left and I absolutely love it!

What’s even better is that it has a price tag of zero. Yes, free to absolutely everybody because it’s a Freemium game. You get the full game for free and that will allow you 33 balls but there are add ons for additional balls that cost just a few dollars. As the ultimate gamer I don’t expect to need them but for lesser gamers it’s nice to have the option.

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