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Kickbeat – Ass Kicking to a Rhythm

Kickbeat – Ass Kicking to a Rhythm

In 1999 I bought my Playstation and I got a free copy of Bust-A-Groove with it. I literally hated that game as it offended every gaming bone in my body, in fact it offended my bone, just ask my ex! As an ape who favors action titles, rhythm-action games are something of a mystery to me but a couple of recent entries to the genre have intrigued me.

Retro/Grade which is a rhythm action shoot-em-up in reverse was a seriously original idea for a game and now Kickbeat from Zen Studios is a less original but very interesting addition. It’s a rhythm based fighter for the PS3 and Vita and it looks like it’s got some great fighting action, humor and a killer soundtrack. It’s out on September 3rd and it’s cross-buy so buy it once and play on both platforms.

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