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Vita Firmware 2.60 arrives today!

Vita Firmware 2.60 arrives today!

I’m always interested when I hear of a new Vita firmware update. The console launched with a competent interface and feature set but it was not without its flaws. Almost every firmware update to date has sought to rectify issues and add new functionality often addressing highly sought after features that the core Vita audience have been crying out for. So what has firmware version 2.60 got in store for this gaming monkey?

Well, this gaming monkey is also a PlayStation Plus member and the new firmware is going to make it even easier for me to upload and download save game data to and from the almighty cloud. This is good news for me. Every night at 4am my PS3 turns itself on, patches my games and uploads my gaming data to the safety of the cloud. However, I haven’t been keen on the idea of my Vita doing the same thing primarily due to concerns around battery usage. Thankfully Sony have now added a PlayStation Plus icon to LiveArea screen, the same screen from which you launch a particular game you want to play, to allow you to upload and download on demand. It’s well positioned and highly appreciated. Now I can finally back up my Soul Sacrifice data – phew!

A nice new shiny Plus icon takes its place on the LiveArea screen

On top of this you’ll now be able to access the Vita’s settings while in-game by holding down the PS button. This should make adjusting basic settings like flight mode, volume and screen brightness more streamlined as the disconnect between your game and the Settings app in the past always made this feel like something of a chore.

What’s that, flight attendant? All electrical devices must be off or in flight mode? With pleasure…

The final major update allows you to play video and music content on your Vita from a connected PC or PS3 through the already familiar Video and Music apps. I’ll be honest, I probably won’t have much need for this but it’s nice to know that it’s there and that they’ve expanded the list of supported video formats while they were at it.

So there we have it. Another good showing for the Vita, a device that charms me more with every firmware update. Oh, and just in case you can’t read, take a look at the video below; it details all of the new features, narrated by a man you probably wouldn’t trust your kids with.


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