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Tearaway – Release Delayed

Tearaway – Release Delayed

One of the highlights of Gamescom 2012 for this ape was the announcement of Tearaway, a Vita title where you essentially take part in a buddy movie with a little dude named Iota. The gameplay involves you interacting with the paper based work that Iota lives in to help him along on his mission which is to deliver a message to you, yes you, the person reading this article

I was immediately intrigued by the notion of being a character in the game as opposed to assuming the role of a character and I love the way the Vita controls are utilised. You’ll be yelling, taking photos, tapping, swiping, tilting and blowing, yes blowing your Vita but unfortunately you won’t be doing any of those things until November 22nd as opposed to mid October because they have delayed the release date. To be fair to the team at Media Molecule, they have offered their humblest apologies so I guess we can’t be too angry with them and even if we wanted to be, that little Iota dude is too cool to be angry with for long!



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