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August PlayStation Plus Content – Nice!!

August PlayStation Plus Content – Nice!!

Those fiends over at Sony have done it again. They’ve gone out of their way to make yours truly look like a fool. For not only three weeks after I purchase Spec Ops: The Line with my own hard-earned cash they go and release it for free to Plus members! It’s an outrage, I tell you, an outrage! How are you going to make amends on this one, Sony? What’s that, more free games!? Did I say “fiends”… I meant “friends”…

Yes, our good friends at Sony have announced the free Plus content for August and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s looking just as desirable as always. As mentioned, leading the pack is Spec Ops: The Line. This third-person military shooter made waves when it was released due to its uncompromising story-telling and is definitely different enough from the drones of shooter clones out there to make playing it more than worth your while.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Grab a Plus membership and start your engine!

Also, on the PS3 front we’ll be treated to Need For Speed: Most Wanted which will have you racing friends, evading cops and topping leader boards in a huge open world environment. Of course, if you’d rather be killing cops, Mafia II will let you step into an open world of mobsters and murder. This cinematic gangster adventure will have you driving, brawling and shooting your way to the top of the crime ladder as you attempt to become a made man. It’s a title that’s been on my gaming backlog for ages and could serve as a tasty appetiser before the feast that will be GTAV in September.

PlayStation Plus – it made him an offer he couldn’t refuse..

As always PlayStation Plus hasn’t forgotten about us Vita owners. It’s been a few years since I’ve played a Lego game but that looks like it’s all about to change as Lego The Lord of The Rings is coming free to Plus this August. It should make for some perfect, portable play and, as a fan of the movies, I’m looking forward to re-living the adventure Lego-style. If I have any fight left in me after fending off the army of Mordor I’ll be saving it for When Vikings Attack. I don’t know too much about this title but I know HairyBack Tones has had good things to say about it in the past so I’ll be interested in checking it out!

Its a long journey to Mount Doom – better charge the Vita so!

All five games will be available on July 31st and, as always, another month of top titles free to PlayStation Plus members will bring with it the frantic dilemma of clearing hard drive space. Given that we’re in a relatively quiet period in the gaming release calendar these games couldn’t be coming at a better time. So enough rambling from me, I’ve got some gaming to do!

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