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XBox One – Make it Right

XBox One – Make it Right

Yay, balance has been somewhat returned to the force. XBox exec Don Mattrick has announced that the whole ‘online every 24 hours’ and the ‘DRM’ issue around (offline) games has been scrapped. Added to this is that the Xbox One will also now be region free – yay! This is something that we would have liked to have seen at E3 itself, preventing Microsoft from the wrath of thousands of gamers – but nonetheless it is here now. You can read the full statement here on the XBox Wire site.

Personally I am not surprised and had somewhat predicted that this turnaround would come, based on Microsoft’s early history of listening to its community and of course the threat of losing billions of bucks. I would like to have seen some sort of backward compatibility announcement also, but ya cant win em all eh. Now all that is left to wrestle with is the $100 price hike over the PS4 – which could (and probably will) change closer to launch in November, and the fact that the actual console is a less than pleasant looking bit of kit – which will change over its life cycle too. Ultimately it is now really just about the games – as it should be!

My faith in XBox is somewhat restored and although this wont necessarily mean that PS4 orders drop massively, it does mean we have a fair fight on our hands between the big boys. I love my XBox 360 and felt very let down after E3, so much so that I was willing to throw away my XBL account (of ten years) and convert to the PS4, now I’m considering my options again – competition is good Umkay! Well done XBox One – ya made a balls of it, but now you have fixed your mistake – what more can we ask, eh? A foot-rub perhaps…

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