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PS4 & Xbox One Press Conferences Here!

PS4 & Xbox One Press Conferences Here!
Both of the big kahunas have stepped into the ring and gotten out their meaty punching gloves, as you can view below in the press conference from Sony and Microsoft.  I would, as always, advise you to investigate the evidence and make your own conclusions, otherwise your just talking shite really. We here at GZ however never talks shite – we fling it and in doing our homework over E3 we have come to a few conclusions of our own, found below each conference for those interested.
Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference

Microsoft came out of the green corner throwing a few nice exclusives and a couple of welcome features to the ‘Live’ service but with the issues about the actual hardware and general functionality wrapped around their neck, it has left them very open to attack. Twenty four hour online checks, limited owners of a game, no backwards compatibility and a Kinect eye watching you at all times makes us feel like this is built more in favor of the cooperation than the consumer. The presentation itself was fairly mundane with little excitement unfortunately, and personally I was not all that stimulated by it or the majority of its games with the exception of a new MSG, DR3 and Halo. Overall, we here at GZ and those sending us their thoughts felt that Microsoft has severely dropped the ball to the point where loyal XBox gamers are actually angry and planning on defection in droves – a great pity. “But, it has TV stuff” I hear you say… so does my actual TV, big deal! Being a mainly Xbox player myself, it is very disappointing and I am now more interested in the future of my 360 than I am in the One. I hope that Microsoft can pick itself up, see sense and make some serious adjustments, but I wont be holding my breath.


Sony E3 2013 Press Conference

In the blue corner sits a previous underdog that has come out slugging, there’s no two ways about it – Sony kicked ass. It was exciting to watch rather than just endure, and at times I was getting giddy as a schoolgirl. It hosted some amazing non-exclusive titles (that were missing from the XBox presentation interestingly) along with a very respectable line up of PS4 exclusives – and most importantly – they didn’t place a list of restrictions on its clientele – Us. Not to mention that the actual PS4 looks sexy (not a big chunky yolk), plus it will be cheaper, region free, backward compatible (by cloud) and have a relationship with the handheld Vita. Whats not to like? Admittedly, I wasn’t a huge PS3 fan, I initially felt let down by it when released and I got more use out of it as a video player than a gaming machine – but all has changed now and it looks like its a PS4 for me.

Ultimately the facts speak for themselves and are difficult to ignore – Sony have undoubtedly won the first round and possibly knocked out their opponent – only question left is – will there even be a round two? There are many great games to come regardless of their system and it is a very exciting time that will define the future for games, so keep the faith whatever your mood may be after E3. Then, theres always Nintendo… Ha.

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