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New Vita Firmware 2.10 Released!

New Vita Firmware 2.10 Released!

With the Vita’s first birthday in the rear view mirror you may now be suffering from some home screen over-crowding. As more and more apps have been released, alongside lots of free games from Plus and some must have releases like Persona 4: Golden, my own Vita has now spawned numerous home screens. I’ve tried to group applications logically by having purchased titles on one screen, Plus titles on another, PsOne, PSP, Social Apps, etc, etc, but it’s all becoming a bit of a sprawling mess. Thankfully the new firmware update 2.10 that launched yesterday has introduced folder functionality. This is a concept that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever used an iPhone. Or a PC for that matter! It’s been a long sought-after feature and is sure to be a welcome addition for Vita owners with bulging memory cards!

The new folder system will allow you to keep your Vita home screen in order

Each folder will store a maximum of ten icons which means a grand total of 100 applications per home screen instead of the previous ten. I feel a Vita Spring Clean is in order! Aside from re-decorating the home screen the new firmware update brings added browser video playback capability and added email functionality allowing you to add multiple email contacts, view HTML content as well as search your messages. HD picture zooming and the ability to send PSN messages to multiple recipients have also joined the feature roster. There’s also a nifty little additional setting that will allow you to have the Vita mute itself automatically when you remove your headphones or pause a song that’s playing in the Music player. So the next time I’m playing Uncharted in bed and my headphones get yanked out the lady in my life won’t be woken by the sound of gunfire and grenades! Although she’ll probably already be awake due to me shouting “Die rival archaeologist, die!!!”

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