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Thief 4 – Announcement Trailer

Thief 4 – Announcement Trailer

GZ’s Great Ape has been laid-low by an attack of the vapours and has had to retire to his office for a lie down on his futon after apparently first coming over all queer (leave it) this weekend just gone when this new trailer arrived confirming what he had been hoping to see for nigh on 10 years.

If you’re still none the wiser and haven’t bothered to look at the title of this post either due to massive stupidity or simple incuriousness, I’m talking about the new announcement trailer for Thief 4, coming to the next gen console at some point in 2014 from the mighty Ubisoft. The word is that for those gamers who have been playing the first 3 titles in the series on loop for the last 15 years, you will find something different in this new title as the development team say that gameplay will no longer be 100% stealth based. Should the player choose that is, think Deus Ex and you’ll get the idea.

If you’re yet to turn your vision balls upon this new trailer it is below for your viddy pleasure, I’m off to fetch his highness a cup of rejuvenating nettle and green tea. The great ‘iron’ that he is…

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