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1996 Voted The Best Year in Gaming

1996 Voted The Best Year in Gaming

On the whole the British public are a bunch of untrustworthy, boss-eyed, toothless dullards, who shouldn’t be asked any sort of question unless your looking for an answer that involves; A) hatred towards those less fortunate, B) the justification of mindless yobbishness, or C) a sentence which starts with that well known British rallying cry, “I’m not racist but…” Yet this time they may actually have a point.

The retailer GAME asked 2000 of its customers which collection of numbers on the calendar represented the greatest year in gaming. 1996 topped the poll and boy-howdy what a great year it was. If you cast your mind back to those heady days of the mid 90′s you will surely remember the hype around the launch of N64 (although this didn’t arrive in Europe until March of 1997) and the PS1 which brought gaming to the masses for the first time in a truly significant way. The titles which were released during 96 remain some of the greatest and most fondly remembered such as Lara Croft’s first outing, the much underrated Crash Bandicoot and that all time gem of gems Resident Evil 2.

At number 2 came 2002 which was another ground breaking year with the release of Halo, Morrowind and GTA: Vice City which let us live out our 80′s coke fueled crime dreams like never before.

Below isĀ are top 5 choices in full and a little reminder of why each of these years are so close to our gaming hearts. Let us know on the Facebooks what is your favourite and most loved year in gaming.


1. 1996 – 14%

(Choose life)


Tomb Raider


Super Mario 64

Resident Evil 2

2. 2002 – 13%

(Screw you Ulrich)

Halo – Combat Evolved

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

GTA: Vice City

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Walker

3. 1991 – 12%

(Same Make. Same Model. New Mission.)

Street Fighter 2

Sonic The Hedgehog


Super Mario World

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

4. 1985 – 11%

(The worlds greatest haircut was forged in fires of the Gods during this year)

Super Mario Bros.


Commodore Amiga

5. 1980 – 10%

(Violent hypocrite meets Mark Chapman)



Space Panic

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