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Watch_Dogs – The Big Shot of the PS4 Announcement

Watch_Dogs – The Big Shot of the PS4 Announcement

It’s been approximately 24 hours since the Sony announcement and everyone is digesting what we learned yesterday. Here are a few of the key points that we now know:

  • The new console will carry a truckload of horsepower and boot up and load times will be a thing of the past.
  • The new controller is a slick new design with a touch pad and with motion control.
  • Social gaming can be a big part of the PS4 experience.
  • The games look friggin awesome and as far as this handsome hairy ape is concerned, Watch_Dogs from Ubisoft is the most intriguing.

I admit that I find open world games slightly intimidating. Maybe it’s because I spent a few years living in a cage in a research laboratory or maybe it’s my crushing agoraphobia but sometimes the sheer freedom and amount of choice in an open world game seems overwhelming. I also like the linearity and task focus that comes with a mission based game so when the creative director said that the demo was just a day in Chicago with no mission and no objective, I was slightly disinterested.

Within a few seconds, the dude stole cash from someone’s bank account, got involved in a domestic incident that ended up in a shootout and chasing the other dude down. Then the cops show up and by using his phone, he raised the traffic barriers to cause the cop car to crash. The getaway seemed pretty standard as getaways go until the dude used his phone to stop a train and jump on the roof to escape. That all took place in 4 minutes and considering there was no mission or objective, a hell of a lot happened.

Ubisoft have a great track record of pushing the technological boundaries of consoles so I’m very excited about what they could potentially achieve with the PS4. I’m wondering how different the experience will be on the PS3, X-Box 360 or PC? I’m hoping that it’ll be a hell of a lot different because if Sony want consumers to shell out a big wad of cash, they’ll need to bring something seriously impressive with the PS4.

Sony learned the hard way that new consoles need fantastic titles to make the launch successful and it’s pretty difficult to recover from a poor launch. Watch_Dogs is going to be available on PS4 at launch so this ape reckons that Sony have certainly learned their lesson. They are bringing out the big guns for this launch and this game looks like it could one of the biggest.

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