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PS4 Officially Announced

PS4 Officially Announced

I’m typing this as I’m watching the live broadcast from New York and as I’ve been waiting for a new console for so many years, I’m celebrating by indulging in lady entertainment and scotch so please bare that in mind as you read on.

  • New technical architecture that I did not understand at all but it means faster processing and better graphics. Frankly, I don’t care how they do it,¬† I just want more horse power in my console.
  • New Controller – An updated design but the main new features are the Touch Pad and Share Button. The Share button is key as social gaming is a huge feature of the new console.
  • No boot up time¬† – this is an immense leap forward in gaming and
  • You will be able to resume a game without having to reload – another major step. I reckon I’ve wasted hundreds of hours scratching myself waiting for levels to load. Although I must admit that scratching is sometimes very enjoyable.
  • Digital games will be playable while they are being downloaded – nice feature but not a big deal to me.
  • Social Gaming Hardware – Sharing Video Footage, broadcast yourself in real time to your friends.
  • Knack – A cool looking game inspired by classics like Sonic and Crash Bandicoot.
  • Personalization – the system learns your likes and dislikes so it will know enough about you to download your next purchase before you click the buy button – Big Brother is watching.
  • PS Vita – It’s the companion to the PS4. Every Ps4 title will be playable on the Vita and remote play will allow instant transfer of gameplay between devices.
  • Everything / Everywhere – All games playable on all platforms thanks to a Cloud Network.
  • Killzone – Shadow Fall. We saw lots of gameplay and I need a long cold shower after seeing it.
  • Drive Club – Collaborative Racing with teams and clubs all over the world. Potentially an incredible racing game if that’s your thing
  • Infamous – Second Soul. No gameplay but seems cool.

The presentation is still going on and either I’ve missed the launch date or they haven’t announced it yet. Either way, I need to hit the hay now so I’ll check in with you tomorrow with more details and a whopper of a hangover.

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