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Defiance – Release Date Announced and New Live Action Trailer

Defiance – Release Date Announced and New Live Action Trailer

Once upon a time MMO’s were almost always RPG’s and this ape was pretty happy not to involve himself in those experiences because as all my fans will know, I find RPG’s about as interesting as being on a 14 hour flight with no inflight entertainment and sitting beside my mother in law – don’t worry, my wife doesn’t read my work!

Thankfully those days are gone as some MMO’s are now action games and from 2nd April 2013, Defiance from Trion Worlds, will be a seriously exciting addition to the genre. It’s an open world 3rd person shooter set in a future California where you need to fight off strange creatures and mutants to survive – sounds like a few bars I know in San Francisco.

You can play as a human or alien and you can go solo or team up with any of the thousands of players who will be playing simultaneously. The team at Trion say that it will be a constantly evolving world and we have never seen a shooter of this magnitude. They even say that the outcome of missions and battles that take place in the gaming world will have an impact on the storyline in the Defiance TV series. That’s either really cool or those writers are seriously lazy.

Check out the new live action trailer below and click here for all the information you need on both the game and the TV series.

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