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Netflix – A Spooky Night In

Netflix – A Spooky Night In

I love Netflix, how many times can I say this people? If you’re not hooked up then I suggest you remove the retarded part of your brain and store it in a jar, then jump onto the mighty Netflix – ’30 Million people cant be wrong Michael!’ Sorry, just a little Lost Boys humour for the day that’s in it. That’s a lot of people signed up all the same and now Netflix is supporting Windows 8 devices which is a bonus for all you tech freaks out there. Watch it at home on your console, on the run with a phone or tablet or on your lunch break in work via a PC… whats not to like?

Seeing as it is Halloween the Netflix crowd are putting out some nice horrors for you to scream at, some are old and some are new but they are virtually all worth a watch. Check out the ghoulish offerings here at the Horror movies page. Some of my favs include Deadset, The Mist and Demon Knight but there are soooo many to choose from that your eyeballs might melt! I think I’m going to check out ‘Zombies, Zombies, Zombies’ its probably the only living dead movie I haven’t seen yet… plus it looks like there are some hot chicks in it too – double score! We don’t recommend many things here at GAMERILLAZ for you to throw money at, but we recommend this! Do it – Boo!

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