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God of War Ascension – The First of 4 New Multiplayer Trailers

God of War Ascension – The First of 4 New Multiplayer Trailers

I had my suspicions about multiplayer being introduced to the God of War franchise. To me, God of War is all about being the biggest bad-ass of all time, Kratos, and if I’m not playing as Kratos then it’s not God of War. Well, this is one of the incredibly few times that Hairyback Tones may have been wrong.

The premise of multiplayer is that you align yourself with one of four gods and your powers and skills are based on that god. This results in players having different sets of powers, armour sets and abilities, and it should create a fantastic multiplayer experience.

Check out the video below that details the almighty Zeus and the powers that are available if you are aligned to him.  This is the first of the four videos and it should seriously wet your appetite for some ancient Greece style ultraviolence. I’m not certain who the other three gods are but if one of them gives the powers of super good looks and incredible hair that’s not going to be any good to me – I’ve already got those two covered.


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