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DREDD – Getting there…

DREDD – Getting there…

Dredd. We’ve all been entirely too excited by news of this reboot at GZ headquarters, and it was with some trepidation that I finally slung my subhuman ass down to the 02 cinema in Greenwich. After a frankly terrifying cable car trip over the thames, I wandered in,  got my tesco groceries consficated by the cinema staff (They clearly thought my haul of tinned tuna and dried chocolate nesquik was some kind of weird budget snack alternative to their £10 popcorn and coke combo) donned my smuggled-in 3d glasses and began to channel my twitchy, bepimpled 14 year old inner geek.


90 minutes later I staggered out of the cinema, ears ringing (Dredd is a very LOUD film) and attempted to collect my thoughts while negotiating the drifts of shamblers and assorted mutants than infest the 02 arena’s chain bars and feeding pits. First though..well, it’s pretty good. Cool slow motion action sequences with Dredd casually culling dozens of nasty henchmen like so many tattooed badgers. Karl Urban perfect as laconic, tough but not infallible Dredd. Kicking sound track and three or four surprisingly grisly moments. All that said, it’s not really got any 2000ad feel..at all. It could be almost any action hero trapped in a large building. None of the vast, decades-deep  ecosystem and colourful cast of villains of Mega City One is on show. it’s Dredd and Anderson in a crumbling building with a swarm of generic gun fodder. That is it.  Perhaps it’s the only way to get Dredd introduced into the mainstream, but the feel of this film doesnt have any room at all for any of the wilder Mega City One narratives. Dark Judges? Forget it. Judge Child? No. Cursed Earth? No. Apocalypse War? Hmm..maybe.

For all the approbrium heaped on Danny Cannon’s 1995 Dredd, if you can ignore Stallone’s vein bulging imposter, Steven de Souza’s awful dialogue and worst of all Rob F++king schieder, there’s actually good stuff in there, imprisoned by a poor film. Dammit, it’s got Rico Dredd, a friggin ABC warrior, Mean Machine Angel and the rest of the Angel Gang, the Long Walk, the Cursed Earth, Block War…Alex Garland, for all his alleged love of the source material, doesnt even nod his head to any of it, introduces brand new characters and settings, sets it up as a generic shooter and really…there’s not a massive amount of reverence on show for anything other than the main man. Maybe that’s the way it has to be…maybe it’s deliberately been scaled back before comitting to bigger budget future endevours, but as it stands it’s noting more than a decent, 7/10 type post-pub shoot-em-up. And, having deliberately avoided comparisons previously throughout the review, it’s just not as good as The Raid, which IS pretty damn similar. Grud!  The 3D is also completely pointless, but those ultra slow motion scenes will look damn good on bluray.
It’s a start. Go see it anyway.
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