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Paranormal Activity 4 trailer

Paranormal Activity 4 trailer

Are you ready for another dose of shouting, wobbly camerawork, loud bangs and budget-friendly barely-glimpsed special effects? Well then here’s the trailer for the fourth installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise. It’s the first real sequel to the first movie, as the second happened at the same time and the third was a prequel. So here the story has jumped forward 5 years to 2011…the last we saw of large-breasted demon-smuggler Katie was a bout of boyfriend battering and baby burglaring. Then she – and stolen baby – disappeared. Now we’ve got another family troubled by flickery lights and thudding noises…There’s a more teeny cast this time, ¬†looks like Skype has a part to play in this one, a clever idea done before, notably by recent horror anthology V/H/S…If only the demons invaded facebook as well…might stop people posting statuses about their f++king dinner if there was a chance some kind of malevolent presence could download itself through their modem and start randomly throwing folders around on their desktop.

PA films has a divided audience – most horror fans look down on them but I have to say.. I quite like them myself. They are simple, they don’t deliver any less than they promise and there’s a ghost baby that pushes my bedroom door open at night so I can relate. And they are good date movies, because nothing gets women friskier than the fear of phantasmagorical abuse.

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