Crysis 3 - The 'How Will You Play' Video | Gamerillaz

Crysis 3 – The ‘How Will You Play’ Video

Crysis 3 – The ‘How Will You Play’ Video

“Hello Pretty”. That’s what I’d say to Crysis 3 if it were a person but it’s important to point out that there’s a lot more to Crysis 3 than incredible good looks – just like Hairyback Tones.

What I’ve always loved about the series is how it allows you to employ stealth tactics or to go in all guns blazing. Personally, I usually opted for the latter but the stealth mode allows you to break necks and to cut throats which can be very tempting too.

Check out the latest video that demos footage from a pre alpha version of the game. It shows off both the stealth and “going loud” styles and both look fantastic, (again, just like Hairyback Tones). February 2013 is only 6 months away and this is a game that I will be pre-ordering for sure. Check in with your friendly GZ apes to make sure you’re kept informed on all the latest news from Crytek and EA on this super title.

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