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Rec 3: Genesis, The Raven and Detention

Rec 3: Genesis, The Raven and Detention

It’s a sexy but horrible three-way today as we do a quick round up of a trio of recent blood-soaked new arrivals. First up is John Cusack in The Raven, a ropy gothic police procedural about a Edgar Allen Poe-inspired serial killer. You know the kind of thing…walling people up, bisecting them via razor edged pendulum device etc. Think Se7en meets Sleepy Hollow. Eddie himself (coming across as a loudmouth raccoon-owning twunt) is naturally implicated and soon ends up helping the coppers with their enquiries. A couple of gory moments but iffy performances across the board and it’s a dull two hours.


Next is the diabolical Detention, which is a satirical, surreal horror comedy which is about as funny as the Rape of Nanking. Fourth-wall shattering, meta nonsense about a college serial killer, a half-fly mutated bully and lots of annoying 80′s and 90′s movie references. I’ll be honest, I didnt get past the first hour as I had started twitching involuntarily and swearing to myself. Falls squarely in to the Scott Pilgrim “omg I love its self-aware zaniness” or “hate it because it’s making me hate myself for watching it” category. Looks great technically, ┬ábut it’s just way too keen, loud and messy. Like an annoying skinned puppy covered in glitter.


Finally the third in spanish demon/zombie franchise Rec. This one is subtitled Genesis but its not a prequel or backstory to the previous (excellent) films, it’s a stand alone, barely connected one-off about the demonic plague ruining the big day of huge-eyed bride Clara and generic groom Koldo. As if a normal wedding isnt stressful enough without demonically possessed uncles showing up and spewing infected blood everywhere. Like Rec2 the religious aspect is ramped up…the creatures are afraid of crucifixes etc…we catch glimpses of the creatures true demonic forms in mirrors. Doesnt have the pure tension of the preceding films – there’s even the occasional chuckle – and the “found footage” concept is thankfully jettisoned after about 20 minutes and the rest of the movie is a fairly straightforward little zombie survival pics with chainsaws. Not exceptionally gruesome or memorable (although the ending is quite grimly downbeat and affecting) and the Rec franchise is starting to mutant into a Resident Evil / Lucio Fulci’s Demons mongrel but it’s better than that sounds, it’s certainly better than anything than George Romero has done recently and it’s worth a watch.

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