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Sam Raimi No Longer Tied To World of Warcraft Movie

Sam Raimi No Longer Tied To World of Warcraft Movie

I’m not actually in the GZ Treehouse at the moment. In fact I am sitting under a massive duvet in Castle Zaius with a stinker of a cold. Saying that I’m not convinced it is a cold, it could be Consumption as far as I can tell. The only way to kill this type of malady (and I know about these things, I’m a Doctor you know) is a gargantuan pot of tea and munchy-wunching lomticks of toast. Alas I was distracted while putting this cure-all together and burnt the toast beyond belief, but as the old saying goes; “when you think things can’t get any worse, one of the worlds greatest directors pulls out of a movie¬†adaptation of one of your favourite games.” I may be paraphrasing there.

The Warcraft movie, which has been in development since the dawn of time, has lost Sam Raimi as it’s director and I’m damn upset about it. Raimi has had to part ways with the mighty Blizzard due to him working on OZ: The Great and The Powerful, as they pointed out they want to get the production underway and couldn’t wait any longer. On the one hand it is great news to hear that this talkie may finally start filming soon, however the thought of what Raimi could have brought to the table and his subsequent departure has made me feel ten times worse than I did.

We look forward to seeing just who will step up to the plate to take a swing at this huge and ambitious project.

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