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Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Arctic Strike DLC

Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Arctic Strike DLC

Have you killed all you can kill in Ghost Recon Future Soldier to date – good ‘cos here is some more for you to kill! The Arctic Strike DLC pack is out now to download on the Xbox 360 and is coming today (July 18th) for the PSN (No mention of the PC yet – Awww). It contains several good reasons to get it and at 800msp, it’s a pretty decent deal. Check out the specs and video below.

There is one new game type called ‘Stockade‘ – this is a time based deathmatch that is playable across thirteen of the GRFS existing maps. There is also a twist to this game type:

  • When players die they go to a respawn queue – the “Stockade”.
  • When a player gets a kill, one dead teammate gets freed from the Stockade.
  • Completing an objective frees all of their teammates from the Stockade.

Added to that is a new Guerrilla map – Arctic Base – hence the DLC’s name (vid below also). This looks pretty fun, in a ‘I cant see a fecking thing‘ kind of way.

Three online (adversarial) maps are also included -

  • Riot: A bombed out city environment.
  • Skyline: A warehouse/hanger structure with lots of stairs.
  • Evicted: What appears to be another city environment but nice and clean, no vandals have been through it – yet.

There are new achievements to be sucked out of the pack and the level cap has also been increased by +10. We also get some new guns to add to the already impressive range.

  • Assault Rifles: Ghost F2000 & Bodark CZS805
  • PDRs: Ghost Mk17 PDW &  Bodark OCP-11
  • SMGs: Ghost BT MP9 & Bodark Type 05 JS

That technical enough for ya? I have no idea what it all means… point – shoot – kill. That I understand.


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