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Xbox Live – Latest Release Dates

Xbox Live – Latest Release Dates

Straight off the GZ ticker tape machine comes the latest Xbox Live release schedule, which is looking dang exciting.

There are number of standout releases coming our way over the next couple of weeks including a free muliplayer DLC pack for Mass Effect 3, the head melting Portal 2 arriving on games on demand and some cracking sales featuring a shed load of Bethesda DLC and brilliant titles like Toy Soldiers: Cold War and The Splatters.

Here is the full break down to tempt you into spending your MSP’s (as in Microsoft Points, not Members of the Scottish Parliament. Although, I recon you get some belting titles for trading in Alex Salmond):


Quantum Conundrum (Square Enix), 11-Jul, 1200 MS Points
Zuma’s Revenge! (PopCap), 11-Jul, 800 MS Points
Dungeon Fighter Live (Microsoft), 13-Jul, 800 MS Points
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD (Activision), 18-Jul, 1200 MS Points

Game add-ons

Babel Rising: Sky’s the Limit DLC (Ubisoft), 11-Jul, 240 MS Points
Mass Effect 3: Earth Multiplayer Expansion (Electronic Arts), 17-Jul, Free

Deal of the Week, Bethesda, 10-Jul to 16-Jul

Oblivion Shivering Isles, 1200 MS Points (50% off)
Oblivion Knights of the Nine, 400 MS Points (50% off)
Fallout 3 Mother Ship Zeta, 400 MS Points (50% off)
Fallout 3 Point Lookout, 400 MS Points (50% off)
Fallout 3 Broken Steel, 400 MS Points (50% off)
Fallout 3 The Pit, 400 MS Points (50% off)
Fallout 3 Operation: Anchorage 400 MS Points (50% off)

Deal of the Week, Ubisoft, 17-Jul to 23-Jul

Might & Magic Clash of Heroes I’m the Boss! DLC, 120 MS Points (50% off)
Scott Pilgrim Knives Chau DLC Pack, 80 MS Points (50% off)
Ruse Pack of the Rising Sun, 400 MS Points (50% off)
Ruse The Chimera Pack, 280 MS Points (50% off)

Microsoft Studios XBLA sale, 10-Jul to 16-Jul

Toy Soldiers Cold War, 600 MS Points (50% off)
Hydrophobia, 200 MS Points (50% off)
Section 8 Prejudice, 600 MS Points (50% off)
The Splatters, 400 MS Points (50% off)
Hydro Thunder Hurricane, 600 MS Points (50% off)

Games on Demand

Portal 2, 10-Jul, Worldwide
Zumba Fitness Rush, 10-Jul, NA, CL, CO only
UFC Undisputed 3, 17-Jul, No JP, Korea,
Blackwater, 17-Jul, NA & Western EMEA only
Otomedius Excellent, 17-Jul, No EMEA, ANZ, Korea


Avatar Garage (Xbox Live), 10-Jul
Bellator MMA (MTV), 10-Jul
Quantum Conundrum (Square Enix), 10-Jul
Halo 4 Update (MGS), 10-Jul
Minecraft Update (MGS), 10-Jul
Vampire/Werewolf Update (Xbox Live), 10-Jul
Battlestar Galactica (Xbox Live), 10-Jul
Batman Dark Knight Returns Update (WB), 20-Jul

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